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Use of multiple colors to custom match your own dimensional color for a more natural & beautiful look!

Offering 100 % Human Remy Hair:
There is much confusion about what the definition remy hair is. Remy hair is hair that is cut from the donor & kept intact from from the point it is cut near the scalp to the end tip , aligning the cuticles in one direction till & while they are manufactured into the product you wear on your head. This believed to be the finest quality of all hair extensions.
Techniques Offered :

Keratip / Fusion/ U tip/ Nail tip :
This technique involves using a warmed bond made of keratin that is warmed and formed around the hair. The bond lasts months without in between maintenance appointments. The life of the hair depends on care and maintenance by the client.This is a great option for the client that does not have the time for extra maintenance appointments.

Tape Hair / Skin weft : 

A thin slice of your hair is sandwiched between two pieces of the tape hair as well as can be custom cut to fit on most parts of the scalp. Can last up to 4 months or more depending on care & maintenance. Hair will need to be re-taped & lifted depending on growth every 4 to 6 weeks.This is an excellent option for the extremely fine haired client. 

I Tip / Micro-link / Bead Hair :

This is another option that has grown in popularity with the extremely fine haired client base. However, you must strictly adhere to the maintenance schedule and lift the extensions on time as is the case with any extension that will be worn for long periods of time and needs to be raised as the hair grows out. This hair can be used for longer periods of time than other extensions , again depending on the care.

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